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He is very generous with his dedicated mat room. He loves to wrestle and is a gracious host.

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He did a number on me but did it nicely. He is a super great wrestler and a total gentleman.

Komment Like A barátság többet használ az ember testi és lelki egészségének, mint a brokkoli és a zöld tea együttvéve. Egy ausztráliai tanulmány szerint azok az emberek, akiknek van két-három jó barátjuk, sokkal tovább élnek, mint a morózus magánykedvelők. A szívbetegeknek pedig kifejezetten kötelező a barátkozás, Svédországban például megállapították, hogy a nem barátkozó emberek gyakrabban kapnak infarktust, mint azok, akiket szerető barátok vesznek körül.

I really hope he can find more wrestlers who can give him a real match. If you skip over him you will be only cheating yourself and losing out on an opportunity to meet a great man and real opponent. Very hospitable and he has a good mat room. Strong, competitive and knows his moves.

We also taught each other a few new moves.

Fiú-lány barátság

Just check his profile Highly recommended! Well I should have listened better. His legs are awesome. He got me in meeting nő barátság combination leg scissor and head lock. The best I could do was squirm.

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So beware. That being said he is a great guy and we also had some great conversation between holds and matches. I hope we can meet up again and have a retry. He was gentle, he showed me some holds, and he meeting nő barátság the match alive when I was too clueless to do anything. We both became more aggressive and I loved every second of it!

Nothing but applause from me to him for being able to wear me out quite a bit before I went to work! If you can line him up for a match then treat yourself to a fun time.

A young man with no attitude and no ego.

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I had a great time and hope to again sometime in the future. He is strong and knows how to use his skills Watch out for his legs.

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Just had a fantastic match with this young man. He is everything his profile says he is plus being a strong young man. This being new for him we did keep the pace a little slower but we hope to have more matches and get more aggressive with each match.

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If you are coming through this area try to arrange a match with him you will not be disappointed. Ok update May 7, Had a rematch with him today and WOW what a difference. Last time I think he took it easy on me. This time he let loose on me.

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We had a great match and yes his legs are powerful. My hard and ribs can back me up on that claim. I had areal match on my hands and if you want to have a real match on your hands GIVE him and chance.

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He has learned some new tricks and isn't afraid to use them. He is very agile and can get out of a lot of holds that trap other wrestlers.

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Boy we had a good many bouts that weekend and even one at night by the bonfire. His enthusiasm made for some great wrestling. On and off the mats he was the total host. Please by all means line up a match with him and treat yourself to a good time.

He is strong and a good clean wrestler. He knows a lot of holds and believe me I think I was in most of them.

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The guy is a true gentleman and a wonderful host! Hie set up is very good especially if you like wresting from the floor. The match was hot and sweaty and a lot of fun.

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He dealt very well with my weight advantage and we had a good roll for a decent amount of time. I would recommend this tough old wrestler to anyone - and don't be fooled by his age, this guy is up for battle!

I did get lucky and get him once by luck. He is the living image of his profile. Make no mistake if you wrestle him you are going to have a hard fought match.

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You will have to use your skills to outlast him and control him. If you decide to waffle and take a pass on wrestling Northern you meeting nő barátság only be robbing yourself of a good match and a gentleman of a competitor. He is most certainly welcome back to my house anytime he is in the area and needs a place to wrestle.