Berlin single whatsapp group

berlin single whatsapp group

Although there are questions that still need to be clarified, which will be the task of the three legislative packages that the Commission will publish by the first half of June, there are already elements that allow us to picture what the MFF will look like. One year ago, the Commission itself set the debate by presenting five future scenarios to the European public.

Europe’s ambitious but uncertain future on show at Bratislava forum

The scope of berlin single whatsapp group scenarios ranged from increased cooperation in new policy areas based on a more generous budget to substantial budget cuts that would radically change European integration from a policy perspective. The concrete proposal, in the end, consists in a middle way.

Let us see why. In this regard, the proposed total figure does not fall far from the current MFF: the total budget, in figures, will amount to 1.

berlin single whatsapp group

This represents a slight increase from the 1. Figure 1 — The size of the EU budget as a percentage of gross national income elaboration by the European Commission The comparison would change slightly if we exclude the UK expenditures from the current MFF, as figure 1 shows.

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With this adjustment, the budget accounts for 1. Moreover, when the European Development Fund — currently outside — is included in the MFF, as in the proposal, the figure is going to decrease further in relative terms.

berlin single whatsapp group

The devil is in the details: Economic and social cohesion The Commission also proposed to substantially change the allocation of different spending priorities. In general, the EU budget will reinforce the existing berlin single whatsapp group priorities in the field of research, environmental policies, youth policies, migration and borders, security and external action. As for social cohesion, the resources of many existing social schemes, such as the ESF and the FEADare going to be pooled svájci mentes találkozó regisztráció nélkül a comprehensive programme named European Social Fund Pluswhich will amount to billion of euros.

Nominal changes aside, the share of resources would pass from 8. On the other hand, the instrument is subject to strict eligibility criteria: only Member States that pursued sound macroeconomic policies during the period preceding the economic shock can access the EISF. This seems to rule out the assistance towards Member States with problems of debt sustainability, and only cater for liquidity problems.

MFF – Proposal for a stronger Europe?

The proposal is akin to the preferences expressed by the former German Finance Minister Schaüble in his non-paper on the reform of EMU. The introduction of an automatic and unconditional supranational stabilisation facility is still a relevant change of pace. The overall expenditure in this area will be increased by a 2. Whereas the adherence to core European values is not as strong as before in many parts of Europe, new formal rules, in the place of increased solidarity, are introduced to keep the EU cohesive In a nutshell, the Commission has acknowledged two relevant facts.

On the one hand, the Commission has been particularly cautious in proposing an increased budget.

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The fact that the next European Parliament elections are going to coincide with the MFF negotiations, as the Commissioner Oettinger observedis going to increase the politicisation of the negotiations themselves, making them more difficult. On the other hand, the Commission has also acknowledged that resolving many of the issues the EU has faced in the recent past, such as those related to migration and EMU stability, can possibly not involve the budget.

Hence the decision to concentrate fewer resources in traditional policy areas, such as the CAP, and more in policy areas that are at the forefront in the current debate about the EU, such as migration, EMU and the Social Union. Finally, the role of conditionality: whereas the adherence to core European values is not as strong as before in many parts of Europe, new formal rules, in the place of increased solidarity, are introduced to keep the EU cohesive.

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