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Methodology: It is about how to write a good paper and how to make a problem formulation. It gives you a guied to the writing reports.

XIX. EASV – fashion & design – on my way

We had to create a business plan, but before that we learnt a lot about the business of course, what are the business functions, what does business activity produce and what is the starting point of a new business. Than the marketing overlock know, what are the advantages of market orientation, and what is the purpose of marketing. We got to know a lot about pricing, promotion, and branding.

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This was one of the most useful classes. IT: It is about computer work, mostly we worked with adobe illustrator.

Have you ever been sewing with knits and completed your seam only to notice that edge is now longer than when you started? Most overlockers today have a feature called differential feed and this simple setting is there to help you perfect your seam finish. Once you understand the basics of how it works, it is easy to find ways to employ it when working on your next project.

We had to analyze the illustrator from the basics, tools, pens, color changing etc. The good thing is on this lesson, if you are a beginner in illustrator and you have no idea how to draw even a dress, our teacher gave us templates, so it helped us a lot. After we got to know the working area, we started to create a skirt, and of course it has to be flat drawing.

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Than what you really-really have to know is how to make fact sheets. If you want to be a designer you have to know what is that and you have to know how to make it.

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How is it look like: You have to write the date, size, season, and style number on every page. On the first page you have to draw your style one piece of cloth in black and white, on the second you have to show at least 2 color combinations. The wash label must be easy to find, durable, and attached firmly to the textile product so the placement. You have to mark where do you want to sew the wash label.

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Communication: How to make a good presentation, how to organize and deduce a good ismerje meg a gyermek terápia meeting, you can develop meeting skills and writing skills with business letters, internal memos and meeting notes. The last chapter is the marketing writing skills how to create a nice flyer, newsletter, magazine advertisement and website.

Fiber environment: It was an amazingly useful class. In the fashion world you have to know the textils and the fibers.

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We had to study a lot but totally worth it. Now I know all the fabrics what are they made of, what is a good quailty overlock know what is not.

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We made burning tests, so we can kinda recognize a textil just by smelling it. There are natural and man-made fibers. For example natural fibers are the wool, silk and leaf, man-made fibers are: polyesters, cellulosic, and elastomeric textiles.

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And I could write stacks of thing about it, but I think everybody knows now what is it about. After the first semester we had our first project what was a skirt-project.

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It was a group work and we had a lot of exams, mostly the marketing, overlock know fiber environment and the construction exams were really hard, but with a lot of studying, and paying attention on the lessons this is the most important everybody can make it. Skirt project — prototype — first semester Skirt project — real skirt — first semester And after that when everybody passed you can choose overlock know path of studies, you can take the business direction and the design way.

I took the design part. Then the second semester came. We still had production, illustrator and construction lessons on the construction classes we started to work with shirts, and the middle of the semester we had a overlock know project too, the same as the skirt one, but with a little bit of changes, where we got the skirt project, they gave us a skirt what we had to make on the shirt project we had to design a shirt so it was easier for us, of course and it was a group work again but we had to design shirts for an exact danish brand.

We could chose between two brands, one of overlock know was for plus size overlock know and than the normal, usual size.

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We have decided to work the ZE-ZE it is the normal size brand. But the exam task is different in every year.

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We got new lessons too: We talked about the different trends in the past years too. The summary of the lesson in one word: Trend.

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We dealed with the processes of trends, categories of trend, forecasters, and we got to know a fashion calendar too, what was telling us what kind of fashion show or event is happening on which day. Last, on this lesson we met with the sales-material.

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  • Bear?Sew! — Elkezdtem csomagolni. Overlock elrakva már
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It is showing your collection, with details how is it look like, color overlock know, style names, percentages of the fabric using etc… I will show pictures, because it is easier to show this one társkereső pingvinek to talk about it. Mood-board Collection overview Style-page Idea to product: This lessons was the sketchbook lesson. How your sketchbook has to look like, what kind of researches you can use, how is it going in order, how to make it pretty… Keresztény társkeresés aims for the idea to product lessons are: to introduce the design process in general and as it is in the fashion industry to go through every step of the design developments from inspiration and trend research to the final line up of sketches for the proposed collection.

The course topics: Collect Data and Comprehend Hunch — brain storm Mind map — visually and in text Researh culture and history.