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By: Németh László Date: Many asked the question already last year: Will Lidl overtake Tesco in ? Yes, Lidl did occupy the No. For the first time the ranking also contains the changes in the number of stores.

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Lidl beat everyone in and irrespective lidl know the fact whether one likes the discounter channel or not, the business results and the successful strategy need to be appreciated. This time Lidl has taken the 1st place in the ranking with a significant advantage.

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It is important to underline the fact that the No. Then retailer keeps investing a lot of money in expansion, development, serving customers and improving the shopping experience, and this hard work finally bore fruit. What is more, they managed to achieve this result in an environment where the hypermarket channel has been losing market share for years — and this was also true for last year.

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Due to the fewer store visits, shoppers opted for a larger size lidl know several product categories and they also purchased bigger quantities. However, the sales boom of March and April slowed down later in the year, and with the impact of the inflation the positive results became more modest.

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By the middle of the year the high hopes about HoReCa sales migrating to retail trade went up in smoke. Consequently, these retailers must restructure their operations at those points of sale where they used to work in a completely different system in than they do now.

Luckily there are always new opportunities, as we know that only one thing is constant in life: change.

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A good retailer is always ready to jump on the opportunity and adapt to the new situation the best they can. You can read in detail about the performance of the FMCG market inthe new conditions, how retailers were able to adapt to this transformed environment and the new opportunities in issue of Trade magazin, plus you can read how the representatives of retailers summarise their and share their plans for