Karl lauderbach single. Söder: "Wir müssen Tempo machen"

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El FakeyVor year i mean This series is sick. Nice thing to listen to while playing the ladder or arcade.

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Followed you from LowKo, "Smile Alright" Ole HissbachVor year I have a smurf for cs since i want to play with my friends who are a lot lower in rank then me and dont want to tryhard every single game Havent played it in years. When I did play it I was ridiculously bad.


Im back into it, loving it, learning so much from these videos. Nef36Vor year I pull 30 apm on avrage.

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I play very infrequently. Martin KrauserVor year "microangelo" "none of these are Terran-related" rekt zacharytVor year So how would a zerg counter immortal archon?

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Even if you lose a bit of army you should be able, as a zerg, to return on pretty fast while ur opponents don't If even this won't work you should try some infestors with neural control to take some archons. Even vipers could work but i don't know his abilities yet. Probably also some swarm host too, but i didn't really tryed them.

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Budliky CZVor year And how would you counter your archons with a zerg what unit should I build : I ussualy do only Roach Hydra combo would that be enough? I enjoy zerg the most so Karl lauderbach single kinda wanna kbow what can counter what : Manuel Delbono Vor 2 Monate In the menu you go f10 and go on help, then protoss' units and there you can see all the units and what they're strong and weak against Manoel Leonardo Feitosa NetoVor year Eggcellent!!

That last game was such a troll, wow. Richard CanoVor year I'm not gonna lie.

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Párkeresés pszichológia never knew there was a select all army hotkey until I watched this series.

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