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I am now compared to this astrologer, writer and filmmaker. Already in my childhood I stories came up what my friends or with my toy soldiers well-read, not dolls!

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At first passion was drawing, I drew all my story I do not know why I do not comic books? Then I was teenager, in the high school I had a more mature, more spiritual classmate and we wrote all sorts ismerkedés pseudonym things: poetry, short stories, plays, etc. When the Hungarian Electronic Library MEK is founded I was among the founders and so we put in my very first e-book there, which was a book of poetry titled "Flying Bird".

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My poems and short stories have appeared in several anthologies. In addition, I love fanfiction to write them especially Lord of the Rings and Star Wars - of which have been collected in one volume, because it is perceived as a kind of style practices, eg.

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Tolkien's style is quite uplifting experience. Another big favorite is now the Supernatural show, but only from a fanfiction of my pen was born.

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These and other literary writing of the site are available free Wattpad writing under a pseudonym. Despite the motivation now I am not at all thinking editions of literary works, but also makes them plan technical book-series, even the current line of work as an astrologer I were so basic astrology books they plan to issue.

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Why is that? Because so many tabloid astrology works circulating in the public mind that I want to put a little space in the minds of astrology ismerkedés pseudonym such, respectively who can not afford a course up to these books also can learn authentic funds.

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