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De lange ranken kunnen 50 tot cm lang worden met zilverkleurige hartvormige kleine blaadjes. De bloei is onopvallend. Verlangt een goed doorlaatbare grond. Verdraagt hitte en droogte.

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Ze zijn niet winterhard maar kunnen wel binnen overwinteren, sterven tot de grond af. Wordt meestal als een éénjarige gekweekt. Groundcovers just need to spread well over a larger area than the average plant and cover the ground with a relatively dense form.

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Here's a primer on how to grow groundcovers! Yellowish white flowers are followed by small blue berries. Bare stems create an attractive winter accent, and are a wonderful addition to seasonal flower arrangements.

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Carl E Lewis has uploaded photos to Flickr. Thankfully the shop is in the best of hands with the best of staff.

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One bit I am focusing on constantly when adding plantings into the designs is my clear focus on foliage shape and color, the two most important elements to an interesting landscape, with impact. It is how to extend a colorful garden Gorgeous?

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