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Some outlets have reported that his fortune was mostly gone when he committed suicide on June 22, at the age of It's unclear if these allegations are true. During his lifetime he gave tens of millions of dollars to charity, that we know about.

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Perhaps much more that we don't know about. Stephen Bing was a real estate developer, film producer, and the founder of Shangri-La Business Group, which holds interests in everything from property to music.

He also contributes heavily to environmental causes and the Democratic Party. He gained widespread notoriety after having a child with actress Elizabeth Hurley.

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A child of working parents Helen, a nurse, and Peter Bing, a doctor in public health, Stephen Bing received the wealth form his grandfather, Leo S. Bing, who had made his fortune in New York real bing társkereső in the s. While he was still attending the elite LA Harvard-Westlake private school, Stephen wrote with veteran sitcom writer Arthur Silver his first screenplay, "Missing in Action".

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The screenplay was turned into a movie starring Chuck Norris which had a sequel. Bing dropped out of Stanford University in his junior year to pursue a career in Hollywood. Over the years Stephen produced dozens of movies. Bing was the founder of the Shangri-La business group, an organization with interests in property, construction, entertainment, and music.

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As for his private life, Bing has attracted media bing társkereső for dating some of the world's most beautiful women, as well as for being involved in high-profile lawsuits. Bing was a longtime friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In when two journalists were freed from North Korea, Bill and Steve flew on Steve's private plane to escort the women home. Stephen Bing Similar People.

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